BUMPER STICKERS — 2-3/4" x 10-5/8" — $3.00 retail


The Rich Were Born to Rule - Vote Republican!
A Corporation Is Not a Person If It's Too Big to Feel
Authorized Hug Distributor
Money Talks Too Much - Ban Corporate Campaign Funding
The Market Is a False God
Disposable Is a Dirty Word - If You Can't Re-Use It, Refuse It
That Gov't OF the People, BY the Politicans, FOR the Powerful, SHALL Perish
My Plate Runneth Over
Renewable Energy Is a No-Brainer (Is That Why Politicians Don't Get It?
Torture Is Terrorism
Progress - The New, Improved Fundamentalism!


MINI STICKERS – 1-1/4" x 5" – $2.00 retail

The Earth Is Not Your Ashtray - Pick It Up!
It's Not All Good! But It's All Right.

Shipping is included. Contact us for bulk and wholesale rates!

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